Mercedes from your Sacramento Car Dealer

by admin, November 30, 2015

Mercedes from your Sacramento Car Dealer

A prestige car model is regarded as a status symbol by every man or woman throughout the world.  When buying any of the of the Sacramento Mercedes models you are assured of having a top of the range car for many miles of safe driving and the best service and attention from their after sales service.  From the onset the Mercedes – Benz manufacturers have maintained their innovative ideas and regard for a high standard of durability and quality. An example of this is that the Diplomatic Corps use the Mercedes – Benz 600 and the Pullman Guard Limousines because of an option of armour plating for these models.

It all began in August 1888 with Birthe Benz driving their newly constructed 3-wheel rear engine “motorwagen” a distance of 194km, from Mannheim to Pforzheim; in so doing she was the first person to cover such a distance in an automobile. She received many orders for it, establishing Mercedes successfully as the first gasoline car

The innovation of Mercedes is ongoing at Sacramento Mercedes. During the 1980’s they built the first robot car and in 1995, an autonomous S-Class Mercedes travelled from Munich to Copenhagen return at a speed of more than 175km on selected highways, influencing robot car mechanics research worldwide.  Recently the Vision Tokyo was manufactured, a five-seater sleek- looking electric van powered by a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell system.

Learn at your motor dealer how in 1981 Mercedes introduced pre-tensioners to seat belts. This feature instantly tightens the seat belt in the event of a crash, immediately stopping the occupant from being jerked forward.

For 2016, Mercedes models, mbrace® Connect will allow you to access your vehicle from wherever you are with the use of your phone or computer. Features can be adjusted, such as cooling your car before getting in, lock or unlock your car, and with some of the models at Sacramento Mercedes, even start your car!

Mercedes from your Sacramento Car Dealer

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