Porsche Taycan Recall

Porsche Taycan Recall

by admin, July 26, 2021

Porsche Taycan Recall

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Last month we talked about Mercedes-Benz’ recall on their backup cameras. Unfortunately, Porsche just recently recalled one of their vehicles as well. Porsche recalled their brand new Taycan EV for total loss of power. The recall includes model year 2020 and 2021 Taycan electric four-doors.

The recall came after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHSTA) Office of Defects Investigation received complaints that vehicles were completely losing power while owners were driving the EV. According to Car and Driver approximately 43,000 Taycans were affected. Complaints included complete power loss while operating at various speeds and the inability to restart the vehicle after losing power.

The good news is that Porsche has already issued a software update to modify the vehicle’s power electronics and engine control unit software. And, as they should, Porsche dealers will fix the issue for free. You will have to take your electric sports sedan to a workshop to receive an hour-long software update (over-the-air is not an option at this time), although Porsche said that you can continue driving until the update is ready. Porsche has also stated that the bug has already been addressed for models rolling off the line.

This is without a doubt a blow to Porsche as the Taycan was outselling the 911, 718, and Panamera in the U.S. This will cause some hesitancy from potential buyers but Porsche is continuing their argument that EVs are likely to be more reliable in the long run.

No new car, especially an industry-changing EV, is perfect so some minor flaws were expected. Good thing is that Porsche is already on top of it and doing their best to make sure that is the one and only recall on their iconic Taycan.

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