About your Mercedes-Benz service center

by admin, July 13, 2015

About your Sacramento Porsche Mercedes-Benz service center

A crucial aspect in maintaining your vehicle in first class condition is a regular service by your Sacramento Mercedes and Porsche mechanic and ensuring it’s carried out on a regular and scheduled basis. It is wise to keep in mind that when your car, SUV or truck is being driven the oil undergoes a thermal breakdown. This is because of high temperatures and when it occurs, the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant, causing friction to the engine parts. It demonstrates how critical the oil is to a vehicle, particularly when clean.

Your Sacramento Porsche mechanic like you is concerned with getting the best possible reliable performance from your vehicle. Your mechanic will advise you on the various negative factors associated with not regularly servicing your vehicle and replacing the oil. It is a situation whereby the working parts are caused stress, unnecessary wear and tear, which ultimately can also severely impact on your bank account.

The simple action of having your vehicle serviced at Sacramento Porsche and Mercedes, by a factory trained mechanic instead of an independent service center will provide greater benefits to you, short-term and in the future. It is not only in your best interests but in the care, longevity and investment of your Porsche or Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

By referring to your vehicle owner’s handbook, or speaking to your Sacramento Mercedes mechanic you can determine the manufacturers oil change recommendations.  There may be differences that result from the effects of driving habits, as well as engine age. Other influences include driving continuously at high-speeds, or on dirt roads and frequently carrying heavy loads. These, with stop-and-go driving, contribute to your engine requiring added lubricant more frequently.

Your Sacramento Porsche and Mercedes mechanic can help in giving you the very best driving experience.

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