Customer Satisfaction Midtown Auto works

by admin, May 22, 2019

Customer Satisfaction Midtown Auto works

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Midtown Autoworks is a luxury auto repair center located in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our goal as a Porsche and Mercedes-Benz auto shop is to make customers feel welcomed and comfortable. Our priority is to properly fix and repair luxury cars while making customers happy along the way. We thrive for 100% customer satisfaction by incorporating these practices within our company.

First, we make sure that all of our employees are a reliable source of information. At any point in time, if a customer approaches one of our team members and asks them a question, they should be able to articulate and answer those questions. If not, that team member will seek out somebody who will know the answer. Our team has the experience, knowledge, education, and skills to answer questions and effectively communicate with anyone curious about a job or luxury cars in general. We thrive for 100% customer satisfaction by training our employees to be a reliable source of information.

We maintain high ethical standards. Many auto shops around the area and even dealerships don’t have their customer’s best interest in mind. Internal company benefit at the customers expense happens more often than you think. At Midtown Autoworks we will repair cars the right way, communicate with customers as much as possible, make sure everyone is on the same page, and give appropriate pricing. We are not in this for the money. We are here to repair the cars we love and serve the customers we value. This is not always the case at other service centers and dealerships.

Lastly, we thrive for 100% customer satisfaction by building positive relationships. If a customer is unhappy with our work, they are encouraged to tell us so we can take care of the issue right away. Let’s say you’re a customer that is frustrated because you have been dealing with the same car issue for months and can’t seem to get it fixed. Tell us, we’ll inspect it, and help convey the reason behind the problem to you as soon as possible. We care about how our customers feel and want them leaving our shop happier than when they walked in. Tell us what will make you happy and we’ll be the first ones to try and make those things happen for you right away. Dealerships and other auto repair shops will say the customer always comes first, but we are one shop that actually makes customers a priority.

Visit Midtown Autoworks and get your car serviced here as we care and work towards 100% satisfaction. We won’t let you down.