Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic for your MB

by admin, March 22, 2015

Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic for your MB

When you take your pride and joy to a Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic you expect the best treatment imaginable. That is after all why you paid so much for the vehicle in the first place; you love quality and expert craftsmanship.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment if you will your car racing down the streets. It is being pushed to the limit on the freeways and highways. Doing what it was meant to do; turn heads. The window at one point is rolled down and you feel the wind rushing into the vehicle and giving you even more power to go even faster. Your eyes blinking rapidly to remoisten as the wind hits your face.

Now; clear your mind, open your eyes and realize it is not you driving!

True story right there, it is a very true and an all too familiar story for many Mercedes owners. Mercedes owners believe that since they own a Mercedes they have to take it to the Mercedes dealership for service and maintenance. While it might be a good idea, it is not the only option. In fact that is the story told from a man that dropped his Mercedes off at a dealership and unintentionally found a driver speeding around in his pride and joy while he reviewed the inner vehicle camera.

The driver was of course appalled and brought it immediately to Mercedes-Benz to have addressed. Once an investigation was finalized they found that the driver often drove cars to another location to have specific diagnostics ran that were not able to be performed at the initial shop. Since the video has surfaced of course they have cancelled that outside contract.

That is why it is an excellent idea to bring your baby into Midtown Auto Works because we can handle all the maintenance and light repair work that you need to keep your Mercedes running perfectly.

Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic for your MB