Your Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic

by admin, June 1, 2015

Your Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic During The Holidays

When the holidays roll around you end up buying a small token of appreciation from your loved ones, right? You might get a nice gift card for the mailman, a coffee cup for the children’s teacher and so on. However, what do you get your favorite Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic down at Midtown Auto Works? Let’s think about this, I have compiled a list of the top ten gift ideas for your mechanic.

  1. Bumper Sticker that reads ‘Still Plays with Blocks’ and on it there is a picture of an engine block!
  2. An aluminum Christmas ornament of a V8 engine with turbocharger.
  3. An ink pen shaped as a gear shift that has a magnetic stand in order to hold it upright when it is not being used.
  4. A wrench that has been fabricated into a key hook holder to hang on the wall in the shop to organize the keys.
  5. A coffee cup with the words ‘Starter Fluid’ printed on it.
  6. Flatware set with wrenches as the handles, all in a handy storage case of course shaped as a tool box.
  7. A basic hex nut on a silver chain makes for an interesting necklace for a man.
  8. Pocketknife equipped with a screwdriver, wrench, and even a mini spark plug spacer.
  9. Good reviews go a long way, especially in the technological era that we live in. Get online and write an honest to goodness review for them.
  10. Magazines are a great resource. A subscription to Popular Mechanics is not such a farfetched offer.

No matter what you decide your mechanic will love it. A relationship between a vehicle owner and a mechanic is a complex one. As mechanics we always have your vehicles best interests at heart. However, we only ever hear from anyone when something is wrong. It is nice to hear from customers because it is a holiday and they were thinking of us.

Your Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic

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