Ask Your Porsche Mechanic

by admin, March 13, 2015

6 Vehicle Saving Tips To Ask Your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic

Owning a Porsche is a pleasure, not a rite of passage. There is nothing wrong with discussing vehicle maintenance with your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic so that you know exactly what it is that is needed of you on a regular basis to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It is averaged that a staggering 5% of fatalities that occur during accidents are due to poor vehicle maintenance.


The actual schedule is different for every vehicle and that is why it is crucial to refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle to find your specific requirements. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:


  • When you get the oil changed have all fluids checked. This includes the brake, steering fluid, transmission fluid, and even the antifreeze.
  • The tires on your vehicle should be checked once a month in order to assure that the inflation or under inflation is addressed. Properly inflated tires can assist in fuel savings.
  • The tuning of your engine is so very important! This will allow a fouled spark plug or a clogged fuel injector to be found and rectified. This little act can actually assist in the efficiency of fuel consumption by upwards of 30%.
  • The moving points of the vehicle need to also be attended to. Having the chassis lubricated on a regular basis will assist in the longevity of these moving parts.
  • Putting a reminder on your calendar to remind yourself to have the air filters checked every other oil change will give your vehicle peak operating capability.
  • Have your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic inspect your engine belts periodically to check for wearing in the belt or even cracks or splits from normal wear and tear.


There are so many different maintenance procedures to check on when it comes to your vehicles, they all help keep yourself and everyone else safe on the road. For more information please contact Midtown Auto at 916-382-7700 for more information.