Time to Bring your Porsche in for Service

by admin, March 25, 2014

When It’s Time to Bring your Porsche in for Service

It is very important to be aware of your Porsche when it gives you any new signs that may indicate there is something going on with it.  It is always best to be proactive about maintenance and repairs rather than disregarding what’s being noticed because it might end up costing a fortune down the road.  At Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento, our certified mechanics will be able to identify any possible issues or problems right away.  Our goal is to keep your Porsche running up to par!

The following are some things to be aware of with your Porsche.  If you ever notice anything like the following or anything else, just give Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento a call.

Seized Engine – If you start hearing knocking sounds or tapping noises, there might be something going on like a possible seized engine.  This is something you should have immediately checked out by your certified Sacramento Porsche mechanic.  To prevent something like this from occurring in the future, make certain your Porsche is serviced regularly.

Overheated Engine – When an engine is overheating, there are some noticeable warning signs that you won’t miss.  There might be odd burning oil or metal smell coming from the radiator, the temperature gauge line is in the red area, an irregular engine power or leaks found underneath the vehicle.  It is crucial that your mechanic checks out your Porsche as soon as possible because frequent overheating may possibly cause serious engine damage, which you won’t want.

Tires – It is important to take notice to your Porsche’s tires.  If you notice the tread wear indicator bar showing, the tread depth is beneath 1/16th of an inch, visible signs of cracks and weathered sidewalls or noticing any bulges and blisters on any of the tires, then it is time to bring your Porsche over to the certified mechanics at Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento to have your tires checked out.

Transmission – Transmission problems or possible failure signs include unusual burning odors, refusal to kick into gear, unusual sounds like clunking, gear slippage, transmission fluid leak, dragging clutch, check engine light on or any delay of response when shifting into gear.  If experiencing any of these issues, you would want to take your vehicle over to Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento to have one of the certified mechanics to check it out.

Broken Timing Belt – The likely unsafe signs of a broken timing belt include the vehicle shaking, high-pitched noises, a hard start, releasing more exhaust than normal or the vehicle shutting off while in motion.  When your Porsche is due to have the timing belt changed at the recommended service interval, you don’t want to miss having it taken care of.  Your mechanic will inspect your vehicle to make sure there are no chips, cracks or spots on the timing belt if you suspect an issue.

Just how your Porsche appears to sound and smell, to how it functions on the road can be the very distinguishing signs that it needs maintenance or a repair. Just because you notice something different going on with your Porsche, doesn’t necessary mean there is something wrong with it.  It’s really good idea to be conscious of some of the signs of potential problems and to help avoid issues by having your Porsche serviced regularly.  At Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento, our certified mechanics will be able to handle your regular maintenance and any repairs for your Porsche.  Visit us today at www.midtownautoworks.com.

When It’s Time to Bring your Porsche in for Service