Before Buying a Porsche

by admin, November 18, 2014

Before Buying a Porsche

Before considering buying a Porsche, be sure your enthusiasm doesn’t fog up your thinking when trying to make the best decision for you.  You can fully inspect the Porsche first, and then have one of our certified mechanics at Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento inspect it, too.

Before considering investing in Porsche, be sure to thoroughly look it over.  You don’t want to ever automatically think that the present owner will tell you everything accurately.  Just take your time before handing the owner any money for the vehicle.

For starters, go over the Porsche’s exterior to see how it overall is sitting, as the ground clearance is normally 6-inches, and if it has been lowered to Euro specifications, you would find it to be about 4.5 or 5 inches within clearance.  Additionally, thoroughly check over the bumpers, paint and wheel-wells to make certain everything looks to be in great shape and in original condition.

Next, look thoroughly underneath the hood to check that the engine looks clean.  Make sure to pull the oil dipstick to check to see if the oil is clean or dirty.  If it is dirty, there could be a potential issue other than the oil needing to be changed.  Check the oil pan which is a plastic pan found underneath the engine by running your finger across the upper surface to see if there is a puddle of oil or other fluids inside or if possibly there is a dent in the pan.

Next, you want to see if there are any oil leaks by checking to see if there are any puddles underneath the vehicle.  If there is any sort of leak, particularly an abnormal leak, you really should just forget about that car.

Check to see how the vehicle starts and how it runs while doing a test drive.  You can ask the owner all sorts of questions, but it is still a really good idea to thoroughly go over it as best as you can.  If interested, ask the present owner if you can have your mechanic inspect it before deciding to purchase it.  The owner should let you if they want to be at all honest with the new potential owner.

These are just a few tips to know before considering buying any used Porsche.  If you have any questions or concerns, either phone us at 916-382-7700 or visit us online at www.midtownautoworks.com.  We are Sacramento’s premier, certified Porsche mechanics!

Before Buying a Porsche