Easily Maintain Your Mercedes Benz

by admin, December 31, 2014

How to Easily Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz

With all of the fantastic features and safety technology that goes into your Mercedes-Benz, you can easily care for it, giving you years and years of reliability.  The following are some simple tips you can do to keep your Mercedes running efficiently.


Regularly check the oil – Be sure your car is parked on a leveled surface.  Turn the engine off for about five minutes if engine is at operating temperature and if it isn’t than 30 minutes.  Doing this will allow the oil enough time to come out of the engine and back into its reservoir. After sufficient time, pull the oil dipstick out of the tube, and wipe off the oil from the dipstick. Gradually slide the oil dipstick back into the guide tube all the way, and then take it out again. If the marked oil level is between the min and the max marks, then the oil level is fine. If it isn’t between those two marks, you need to add the appropriate amount of oil needed.

Check and maintain the cooling system – Making sure to have 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water will ensure the cooling system is kept in proper shape and help to prevent any deterioration and build-up from developing inside of the cooling system. Checking the coolant level is very easy. Be sure to only check the coolant level when the vehicle has cooled down and is sitting on a leveled surface.  In a Mercedes the way to know where the coolant temperature gage is located, just turn the SmartKey to position #2 in the ignition and check the coolant temperature display.  It is important to know that in order to open up the coolant reservoir, the temperature must be below 158 degrees.  If you need to add more coolant, slowly turn the cap half a turn counterclockwise, so it will allow any of the excess pressure to escape to add the coolant.

Keep your Mercedes clean – You own a beautiful car so you want to be sure to keep it clean.  This includes, washing the outside of it and the underside of it.  You want to be sure to wash off any build-up off the exterior of the car.

Next, make sure to check your brake fluid level and keep notice to any abnormal sounds when you apply the brakes, and if you happen to feel any kind of pulling.  If you notice the brake fluid level is low, fill it up to the level, and if you notice any noises in your brakes while breaking, be sure to bring it to the shop to have the brakes inspected.

Check and maintain the proper tire pressure – It is advisable to have checked every oil change to ensure the pressure for each tire is at the proper amount.  When a tire is low, it can affect the way the vehicle moves and also cause unnecessary wear on the tires.  It is simple to check the pressure and to add more air.

These are just a few simple tips to help keep your Mercedes running properly.  For more useful tips, please visit www.midtownautoworks.com

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