Legit Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic

by admin, March 9, 2015

5 Services to Expect from a Legit Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic


Owning a Mercedes is a rite of passage into an elite club of individuals who own high end import vehicles. So, once you own this wonderful piece of machinery, what do you look for in a Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic? Obviously honesty and integrity, but what else? Of course you will want a mechanic who is experienced in the scheduled maintenance, oil changes, and repairs of your little gem.

Having an expert that is experienced in the maintenance and repair aspect of your vehicle will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in good hands. At Midtown Autoworks the high-end technicians have more than enough expert training and experience to handle any situation with your vehicle. There is a certain level of experience and sophistication involved with managing foreign high- end vehicles and we make sure that each and every technician possess those traits.

For instance, during a full safety inspection which is provided to every vehicle that comes through the doors, we include:

  • Inspection of the heater and air conditioning system
  • Inspection of the lights
  • Inspection of the windshield wipers, belts, hoses, and even brakes
  • Checking of the tire pressure
  • Checking of all fluids

This is to ensure that your vehicle is safe for you and the roads. Our certified technicians have a certain dedication to service that you will find nowhere else. The dedication does not stop with checking in the customer. We are all dedicated to providing quality service, equipment, and parts, in a safe and knowledgeable environment. We do recommend one thing, schedule an appointment so that your non-emergency service will receive priority. While we do accept walk-ins, the scheduled appointment is always the way to go for the busy Mercedes owner that is ready to get back on the road!

Legit Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic