Maintenance for your Porsche that shouldn’t be ignored

by admin, December 31, 2014

Maintenance for your Porsche that shouldn’t be ignored

When it involves keeping our Porsche maintained, many may not really think about everything.  Unfortunately, we are more likely to blow off certain maintenance tasks simply because we just don’t think it is a big issue.  But if it is ignored, it can possibly mean bigger issues down the road.  Some of the priciest repairs can be brought about from putting simple, low-cost maintenance tasks off to the side.  Make certain you are not bypassing the small stuff by examining our list of car maintenance tasks and small signs of trouble that you should not ever ignore.

Tires – Plain and simple, if you don’t take care of your tires can be dangerous.  If your tires are incorrectly inflated, you can risk a blowout which can result in an accident.  Regularly balance your tires, rotate them routinely and keep the car aligned correctly.  If tires are unbalanced or incorrectly balanced, the car may handle in a different way and vibrate too much.  Unusual vibrations can cause substantial wear and tear on the suspension and steering components of the Porsche.  Take a moment to do a visual tire check each time you stop for gas, and don’t forget to check the condition and pressure of your spare tire, too.

Warning Lights – If a red warning light lights up in the dash, you don’t want to ignore it, it means that there is a vital fault taking place now. Get on the phone and make an appointment with your repair shop right. If you notice a yellow light, it is usually cautioning you to take some action to protect against a more damaging problem.

Brakes – You can usually tell when it’s time to have your brakes checked if the Porsche pulls to one side while pressing the brake, the brake pedal goes to the floor, you hear grinding or scraping sounds when you try to stop or see the brake warning light on the dash.

Engine – If you have a problem with the engine, it can be very serious. If the engine oil gets too dirty or low, the engine can seize and will need major repairs.  Be sure you get your oil changed as suggested by the Porsche manufacturer.

You shouldn’t ignore any maintenance with your Porsche because it may not always run properly.  For more information, please visit Midtown Autoworks at: www.midtownautoworks.com

Maintenance for your Porsche that shouldn’t be ignored