Mercedes Air Conditioning

by admin, August 3, 2014

Mercedes Air Conditioning Service and Repair – Sacramento Mercedes

As you know the weather is Sacramento is hot, and with hot weather means running the air conditioning frequently in your Mercedes. Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento is an authorized Mercedes maintenance and repair shop that can answer any of your questions or concerns with regards to your air conditioning system. In order to find out when your air conditioner should be inspected, you would want to check your Mercedes’ owner’s manual to find out the manufacturer’s recommendation.

It is important to have your Mercedes’ air conditioning system be serviced regularly because the refrigerant consists of an additional lubricant. As the refrigerant moves around through the air conditioning system, its parts are lubricated. This lubrication keeps the parts performing well. But as time passes, the lubricant gets used up and the parts will gradually fail and end up seizing up.

However, the air conditioner will keep pumping out cool air even without having the lubricant, so you won’t know the system has a problem until it actually fails. As you can imagine it is a really good idea to have the refrigerant and lubricant in your Mercedes’ air conditioning system checked and get it serviced if needed.

The next reason why your air conditioning system needs preventative maintenance is because air and water can enter into the system. When air, water and any pollutants get inside the system, it will significantly reduce the overall performance of the air conditioning system and can cause parts to start to deteriorate.

Early warning signs of a faltering air conditioner are when the air isn’t getting cold like it should, and if you hear an unusual noise whenever the air conditioner switches on. If you notice either of these issues, you should bring your Mercedes Benz over to our Sacramento Mercedes Benz maintenance and repair shop.

Because it is so outside, we wanted to make sure your Mercedes Benz air conditioning system is performing like it should be. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your Mercedes Benz’s air conditioning system, either give us a call: 916-382-7700 or visit us online: www.midtownautoworks.com. We are Sacramento’s premier, certified Mercedes mechanics!

Mercedes Air Conditioning Service and Repair – Sacramento Mercedes