Mercedes Noise Issues

by admin, October 5, 2014

Mercedes Noise Issues

Troubleshooting unusual noises in your Mercedes can certainly give you an idea about what varieties of repairs will be necessary at some point.  It’s always very important to be aware of your Mercedes when you hear something distinctive.   If you ever have any concerns, please get in touch with one of our certified Mercedes’ mechanics at Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento.

If you notice any abnormal noises, it is a great idea to have your authorized Sacramento Mercedes mechanic takes a closer look at your Mercedes.  Here are a few basic tips of what the unique noises mean when you hear them in your Mercedes:

If you notice a knocking sound, you should be very worried.  It may very well be a warning sign that something is significantly wrong, and that you should take your Mercedes over to the Mercedes mechanic shop right away.

  • A pop sound generally means the engine’s coughing back by means of the intake.
  • A grunt sound may mean a dry joint in the underpinnings.
  • A flapping sound could signify a belt is coming loose.
  • A buzzing sound could be from regrettable positioning of interior trim parts.
  • A whistle sound at increased speeds may indicate it is actually a wind noise.
  • A sizzling sound may very well be oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold or minor coolant seepage may be occurring.
  • A chirping sound could possibly be an out of alignment belt.
  • A clank sound can very otherwise be coming from a set of gears.
  • A bang sound like a gun shot may indicate you have backfire issues.
  • A groan sound may indicate something is dry, which could be a suspension component.
  • A grinding sound may mean something’s going quickly bad.
  • A clunk sound may suggest you have a problem with your suspension bushings including the strut or strut mounts.
  • A roar sound could possibly be the transmission is not shifting into high or overdrive.

These are just a selection of unique noises you may here in your Mercedes, and if you hear something just get in touch with our Sacramento Mercedes mechanics.  At any time, you can call us at 916-382-7700 or visit us online www.midtownautoworks.com.  We are Sacramento’s premier, certified Mercedes mechanics!

Mercedes Noise Issues