Original Equipment Manufactured Parts OEM

by admin, August 13, 2014

Original Equipment Manufactured Parts OEM

When having your vehicle serviced, it is important to consider which parts are being used in the

repairs. There are often several quality levels of parts available to the Sacramento Porsche mechanic

for use for almost any model vehicle. There are factors that must be weighed before making such a

decision. There are two general categories. These are OEM Original Equipment Manufactured Parts

and Aftermarket Parts.

OEM parts are manufactured to the identical specifications as that of the parts that came with your

vehicle when it was new. These are the absolute best choice and are obviously the most expensive.

Then, there are aftermarket parts that are made to lower standards then to those required by the

manufacturer of your automobile. These can be significantly less expensive, and as a result may not last

as long as their OEM counterparts.

Sacramento Porsche Mechanics may make the decision to use aftermarket parts if the customer has

indicated that he or she is on a limited budget for the repair and if the part doesn’t affect any major

safety mechanisms. With experience, your mechanic may advise you that certain aftermarket parts are

not worth the savings and recommend the OEM parts for your own good.

A ten dollar savings now on a set of brake pads may mean that you have to have another brake job in

another couple years instead of the normal four to five years that you may get out of a good set of OEM

brake pads. Some parts don’t make much of a difference and the aftermarket version can be used.

If the Porsche has been reliable and you are planning on keeping it for years to come it may be worth

the investment to put OEM parts into it. If you plan to sell it or trade it in, then you may consider

Remember who is riding in your vehicle. Your family is precious cargo and they are worth the piece

of mind knowing that you have the right parts for the repair. Many people have been stung by the pain

of a breakdown caused by the use of inferior parts; conversely many dollars have been saved by the

use of cheaper aftermarket parts that lasted for years. The best advice is the advice of a knowledgeable

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Original Equipment Manufactured Parts OEM