Porsche Maintenance for Peak Performance

by admin, January 1, 2015

Routine Porsche Maintenance to Ensure Peak Performance


Every one of our technicians at Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento has a professional training certification and a substantial amount of knowledge of all the Porsche requirements.  You can relax when you bring on over your Porsche to our service center because our certified technicians are industry experts and know Porsches inside and out.  We will only use authentic Porsche parts, along with the most current international equipment, to deliver over and beyond the international standard of service and maintenance.


Porsche has developed a maintenance schedule to coordinate perfectly with your particular Porsche’s requirements.  Be sure to follow what is specified in the owner’s manual, so you will know exactly when to bring your vehicle over to Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento for routine maintenance to ensure optimum performance.


One of the most important routine maintenance to be done for the Porsche is making sure you are up to date with oil changes.  A routine oil change will make certain that your Porsche continues to run at high efficiency while continuing to protect your engine.  An oil change consists of changing the oil and the oil filter.


Some additional maintenance for your Porsche is having the air cleaner, brake fluid, spark plugs and other parts looked at by the technician as they go through wear and tear too.  This will help make sure every element of your Porsche is in excellent condition and fully efficient regardless of the weather or road conditions at any given time.


Replacing spark plugs should be done as needed to ensure exceptional engine power and efficiency.  You can consult with your certified Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento technician to find out when you should have the spark plugs replaced for your vehicle.


The air cleaner element should be replaced when needed because its job is to clean the air that is sucked into the combustion chamber.  In order to maintain optimum performance of your engine, a blocked air cleaner element needs to be replaced when needed.


As time passes, you will find that your brake fluid needs to be replaced because it assimilates moisture from the air.  As a result of the deposition of water, it lowers the boiling point which can ultimately affect the braking action.  For this reason, to be able to be sure your Porsche goes on providing optimum braking in all types of conditions; the brake fluid must be changed within every two years.


Other parts to always keep an eye on are tires, brake discs and brake pads.  Your certified technician will let you know when it is time to have these items serviced.


Just like with any vehicle, as long as you follow what your Porsche owner’s manual and your Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento’s technician suggests to you, you will find your Porsche will continue operating at an optimum peak performance at all times.