Sacramento Mercedes Car Safety

by admin, November 18, 2014

Sacramento Mercedes Car Safety

We are often asked about the automobiles of today, being they are much more technologically-advanced than the older models.  Cars of today do it much better for far less fuel and are much safer than cars from the past.  At our Sacramento Mercedes shop, we know vehicles inside and out.


In order to make commuting more economical for automobiles, they had to be made to be more fuel-efficient, while trying to please consumers.  It means squeezing more miles out of a gallon of gas than ever before.  This was accomplished by fine-tuning the engine with computer precision.  Plus, using lighter materials in their construction was another way to make cars achieve better fuel efficiency. This then necessitated the introduction and need for the airbag. The system that makes up the Mercedes airbag is quite an engineering marvel in itself.


Later innovations were created to increase the safety characteristics of the vehicles, such as having all-wheel drive systems, anti-lock brakes and traction control. It seems not too long ago, the need for seat belts was not there because the vehicles were created to be much bigger and safer.  And, because it was made with so much steel, an accident was not as likely to be a fatality.


Since vehicles seemed to be pretty close in size back then, the laws of physics seemed to favor a crash of two autos of the same weight.  As years passed by, small cars were manufactured, larger SUVs were built and pick up trucks became everyday commuter vehicles instead of work vehicles.


This explains why the driver of an SUV drives away from an accident while the driver of a small to mid sized vehicle ends up in an ambulance. The solution to the problem is that with every year and every new model released, brand new safety measures are added to maximize the models scores during the crash safety tests.


It’s just one of the elements that most Sacramento Mercedes car shoppers look at when comparing Mercedes models before purchasing one. At Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento, we have the know-how and experience to be able to fix all kinds of repairs and safety systems in your vehicle. We do it all including all recall repairs. Visit our website for more information; www.midtownautoworks.com

Sacramento Mercedes Car Safety