Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic On Head Gasket

by admin, June 29, 2015

Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic On Head Gasket: Is It Really Blown?

There is nothing worse to hear from your Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic than the fact that you have a blown head gasket on your pride and joy. Not only can this be a pretty expensive fix it can also be timely and frustrating. Especially if the decision is a wrong one! That is why you need to know the warning signs of failures in your vehicle before you just go replacing or repairing things. Below is a very helpful checklist to keep handy in regards to your head gasket.

  • Overheating: This is the most common occurrence of a blown head gasket. Unfortunately it is also an occurrence of a number of other issues as well. So just because it is overheating does not mean it is a head gasket issue.
  • Coolant: If you have finding that your coolant levels are consistently dropping but there is no leak then there may be an issue. Monitor the fluid levels in your vehicle and when you have to top them off. This will help track this.
  • Misfire: Although an engine misfire can be cause by a number of things it may be a gasket issue. This happens when coolant leaks over to the coolant clogging it and not allowing it to fire properly.
  • Exhaust: Smoke coming from the exhaust is a very solid indication something is wrong. This happens when more coolant is dumping into the cylinders and then is becoming burnt off while the engine is running. This creates a grey smoke or steam to come through the exhaust.

These are all issues to watch for. If your vehicle experiences one of these it does not mean it is a blown head gasket. But if it is experiencing more than one the chances are greater. In either circumstance get the vehicle to a licensed and experienced Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic as soon as possible to have it inspected and diagnosed.

Sacramento Mercedes Mechanic On Head Gasket