Trouble with your Porsche

by admin, December 31, 2014

Trouble with your Porsche

Do you notice strange sounds while driving your Porsche?

This is a great way to find out that there may be something going on with your Porsche.  If you hear a strange sound coming from your vehicle, you probably should take it in by an authorized Porsche mechanic to find out what is going on with it.  Different sounds will mean something different is going on.

Some of the common noises you may hear, and what may be causing the noises.

Squealing – If you hear a well-defined, shrill noise that seems to go up and down based on the speed of the engine, you may have a belt that is in need of being tightened.  When your power steering belt gets loosened or begins to break down, it may make a noisy squealing noise.  This may also be due to a problem with the fan belt or even the air conditioning belt.

You don’t want to wait to have a mechanic look over your belts because if some belts break, it may cause a very serious problem.

Screeching – If you hear a high-pitched screeching or scraping sound while attempting to stop, it is time to bring your vehicle into have your brakes inspected.  The brake pads on your car do have wear indicators that make this type of noise when it’s about time to have the brakes changed.  If you pay attention to this warning, you will be in the position to replace the pads but if you wait too long, you may have to replace even more than just the pads.

Clicking – If you hear a distinct clicking noise that may seem to be associated with how fast your engine is going, you could have a couple of distinct problems that differ in seriousness.  It could suggest a loose wheel cover or even a loose or damaged fan blade.  Also, it could show that there is a valve lifter that is jammed or that the engine’s oil level is low.  Since, this sound can suggest a really serious problem, you don’t want wait to have it looked at.

Rumble – If you notice a low pitched rhythmic sound, you may have an issue with one of the drive line components or even the exhaust system. This type of noise can signify a problem within the exhaust system including the muffler, exhaust pipe or converter. Even so, it can also point to an issue with the universal joints. Since either of these can be very serious, get it checked out right away.

Knocking – If you hear a rhythmic pounding sound, there may be a problem with the connecting rod bearings, crankshaft or an issue in the transmission. These problems need to be looked at right away by a mechanic.

If you hear any noise in your Porsche, you should contact us at Midtown Autoworks right away.  For more information, please visit: www.midtownautoworks.com

Trouble with your Porsche