Wash and Protect the Exterior of a Mercedes

by admin, January 1, 2015

Wash and Protect the Exterior of a Mercedes

No matter what, a Mercedes will wind up getting dirty no matter if it sits outside or in a garage area. You will learn more than just dirt and rain spots affix to your car’s glass, paint and chrome surface finishes. At Midtown Autoworks of Sacramento, we really desire to assist you with keeping your Mercedes looking and operating for a very long time. From time to time, customers will ask us what we suggest to maintain their exteriors of their Mercedes to keep looking beautiful. These are just a few basic tips we recommend.

Airborne contaminants like tree sap, acid rain, bird excrement or even dead insects may turn out hurting your Mercedes’ paint. Most present day Mercedes finishes are shielded with a clear coat to guard the paint, but unfortunately the classic cars don’t have a clear coat to protect their paint.   It is crucial to keep your Mercedes by always keeping it clean and waxed to assist with repelling any water and pollutants faraway from the car’s exterior.

Even when it involves the interior of the Mercedes, you would want to keep it clean and shielded, too. The seats and floors can get damaged if you don’t protect them from spills or anything else that stains or gets caught up in the interior of the car.

Be certain to use an appropriate carwash solution for your Mercedes. You want to be certain to use a microfiber wash cloth simply because the microfiber will help protect the paint. It is not advisable to use any kind of sponge. Additionally, you should have a lot of microfiber towels on hand, detail spray and carnauba wax, too.

Before getting started cleaning your Mercedes, put it in the shade while washing and waxing it to prevent the sun’s heat from drying out the vehicle naturally without having you drying it. The concept is for you dry the vehicle so you can get rid of any spots before they dry on the car.

When ready to get started, wet the whole vehicle to eliminate any debris. Now, if you observe a lot of debris or even tar muck stuck on the paint, apply car shampoo right to the big areas and let it absorb as you wash other parts of the car. When watering the vehicle, be sure to get the salt and mud off the wheel wells and undercarriage.

Start washing at the very top of the car initially and work your way straight down. Wash the car, dispersing the suds throughout with a microfiber towel. Then, rinse fully with a light spray, not high-pressure spray.

Drying the car can potentially cause scuff marks on the clear coat, so you want to be cautious! Use a microfiber towel or use your lawn blower to dry the car.

Once done go over the Mercedes with a detail spray. Spray the detail spray on small areas and wipe carefully using a microfiber towel until finally it’s dry. Flip the towel over several times while drying it and do it again over the entire car. It is a great idea to use a couple of towels if the towel starts to get soiled. Last but not least, you can thoroughly clean the windows by working with a window polish only, not anything at all like Windex.

These are just sine tips to help you with keeping the exterior of your Mercedes looking gorgeous and lasting a lot longer. If you have any questions or concerns, either phone us at 916-382-7700 or visit us online at www.midtownautoworks.com. We are Sacramento’s leading, certified Mercedes mechanics!