Be A Step Ahead Of Your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic

by admin, April 13, 2015

Be A Step Ahead Of Your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic

It is important to know a bit of the problem with your car before allowing your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic under the hood. There is a reason for this. Some mechanics have been known to be a little less than honest in order to make a buck when it comes to fine vehicles, like the Porsche. That is why it is important to not only trust your mechanic, but to believe him. Either way; there are warning signs that your vehicle gives you that there is most definitely engine damage.

Let me cover a few of them for you now:

Smoke: Smoke is generally a sign of trouble, however there are three different types of smoke to be concerned with.

  • Blue Smoke: This means something with oil is burning. Where something is to be sealed, it is not and the oil is being burned off the engine.
  • Black Smoke: This generally does not signify major repairs. However it does mean that there is either too much fuel or too little air in the specific combustion chamber.
  • White Smoke: More than likely this means you have blown the head gaskets on the vehicle.

Loud noises under the hood. Although not all loud noises mean a hefty bill, they can signify a serious issue and should be checked immediately.

Lastly when loss of power has occurred to any of the vehicle’s mechanical devices there is a serious issue. The loss of power is the huge flashing light in front of you directly you to your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic.

The important thing to know is this; you drive your vehicle and you know your vehicle. When something is wrong then you are the first to know. Use your intuition and the built in gut feeling you were born with and get anything out of the ordinary checked out.

Be A Step Ahead Of Your Sacramento Porsche Mechanic