Experience collecting your new Porsche in Germany

by admin, October 1, 2015

Experience collecting your new Porsche in Germany

If you are a Porsche devotee and are considering buying the latest of the greatest from Sacramento Porsche then why not add to a dream that eludes vast populations across the globe; collect your new Porsche at their factory in Germany! Imagine, touring Europe in your brand new straight out of the factory dream car. Could it be your vacation of a lifetime?

Your Sacramento Porsche mechanic is factory trained; have a friendly word with him regarding what the factory offers then speak to your dealer regarding the Porsche European Delivery Program. It can be made easier than you may think.

Your dream vacation begins when you order your new car from Sacramento Porsche in the United States, with those striking, impressive words on the order form “for delivery at the factory”. The next stage is arriving in Germany, at the Porsche factory, a dream experience of any car owner or Sacramento Porsche mechanic. It is here that you will be welcomed as a special guest of Porsche.

A visit to Porsche Museum is part of an adventure that will stay with you forever; with the memory of experiencing the sensation of over half-century of sport car development in Zuffenhausen. Your Sacramento Porsche dealer will be pleased to explain the state-of-the art facility in Leipzig, which saw the creation of the Cayenne and Panamera.

However, probably for you, it could be touring the factory and following the creative journey of your new Porsche; an experience to share with your Sacramento Porsche dealer on your return. After lunch either at the factory location in the VIP dining room, a visit to the exclusive Porsche Boutique, but, the best part is saved to savor last. You are handed the keys to your new Porsche and as you become acquainted with it, it’s the start of a new adventure, for both of you. Bon voyage!

Experience collecting your new Porsche in Germany