Investment in a Sacramento Porsche

by admin, October 29, 2015

Porsche Investment

It has generally been regarded as usual that the ambitions of the majority of companies, especially those with globally recognized brands, have the business ambitions of continuous growth and expansion of their product market. However, the famous and almost revered brand associated with Sacramento Porsche apparently has a different philosophy, because they Porsche AGF are confronted by the some would say, envied challenge of remaining a relatively small entity!

To most of us, the venture by Porsche into increasing sales volumes with certain products; for example, the Cayenne and Macan sports-utility vehicles is stimulating a fast growth rate for the icons of sports car. The problem for Porsche AG and by association, dealers such as Sacramento Porsche is that it’s not easy to maintain a rapid growth situation and at the same time keep a high-profit margin.

This is compounded by sales of Porsche cars almost trebling following the launching of the Cayenne in 2002. It would seem to be an enviable sales position for the manufacturer and dealerships such as Sacramento Porsche that could see in excess of 200,000 units being sold this year. However, as the demand for its sports cars and SUVs increases, Porsche is applying the brakes to slow it down!

The Chief Finance Officer of Porsche, Lutz Meschke, analyzed the position of Porsche, briefly and succinctly, with the concise statement; “If everyone drives a Porsche, it’s not exclusive!”

For the followers of the Porsche brand, including their mechanic, it does not mean that fewer cars will be sold this year by your Sacramento Porsche dealership, than last year. However, it is logical that the super-luxury brands such as Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, and Aston Martin amongst others need to balances related to demand and supply. The exclusivity of driving a Porsche is for its owner, being part of a renowned tradition and something that for many is priceless!

Investment in a Sacramento Porsche