Sacramento Porsche & Mercedes service and sales

by admin, July 13, 2015

Sacramento Porsche & Mercedes service and sales

The dream of Ferry Porsche was building the perfect sports car and it is a dream that has driven the Porsche brand and those who work for it like your Sacramento Porsche mechanic.  It is the search for a dream that is ongoing, but all those related to this famous brand, believe it is growing closer each day!

With every new concept and development, dealerships like Sacramento Porsche continue to strive for that perfection. With expert and specialized attention to minute detail, a mechanic refines your vehicle in a worldwide plan that unites the Porsche family. It is referred to just as the “Porsche Principle”. From the beginning of Porsche history, there has been a dedication towards transforming the performance into speed and success.

It is not only related to horsepower, but to more concepts and ideas in a principle that originates from the race track.  As with your Sacramento Porsche dealership, it is a principle that is transferred into every Porsche car on the road, everywhere.

Along similar lines is the other car powerhouse, serviced by your Sacramento Mercedes mechanic. This is also a vehicle that will continue striving for that ultimate perfection, shown by Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) achieving its highest annual sales volume in its history, in 2014. A total of 366,589 units sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand name! It is contributed to by committed workers such as your mechanic at Sacramento Mercedes.

Your Sacramento Mercedes mechanic.is a part of Mercedes-Benz history in America, which although founded in 1965 under the brand of Mercedes-Benz USA; vehicles were in fact being imported from 1952. This was under the auspices of Max Hoffman, was the motivation behind the iconic 300SL Gullwing. It was the car that initiated and helped establish the brand identity of Mercedes-Benz in America:

Sacramento Porsche & Mercedes service and sales