Service from a Sacramento Mercedes & Porsche mechanic

by admin, July 13, 2015

Service from a Sacramento Mercedes & Porsche mechanic

The names Porsche and Mercedes are for many people worldwide represent the best in a motoring experience.  When thinking of these brands the immediate association is with quality and service; it is also the philosophy of your Sacramento Porsche and Mercedes mechanic.

Throughout the more than 60 years history of Porsche in the United States, enthusiasts of all ages have shared the fascinating details that have always made the difference to their preferred make of vehicle.  With many others, Sacramento Porsche is proud of the unique American details added to this ongoing saga. One example; is the first-ever Porsche Parade in the USA, which took place in Washington D.C on August 29, 1956.

At Sacramento Porsche, every staff member is dedicated to maintaining the reputation of this great brand. A mechanic is trained in every aspect of what is under the gleaming bodywork of this car, with a training experience that never stops. History recorded that the 1898 Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil became the first car in the world, to incorporate brakes on four wheels!

Alongside the Sacramento, Porsche legend is another of equal status, revered by motorists worldwide including your Sacramento Mercedes mechanic. Just before the year 1957, Mercedes-Benz was positioned and ready to extend its brand into the United States of America. It launched onto the American marketplace by entering into a distributor agreement with the famous Studebaker-Packard Corporation. This combined operation lasted eight years, after which a company that made motoring history was formed, under the now-renowned name of Mercedes-Benz USA.

During the following years, MBUSA expanded into a nationwide organization, employing more than 1,600 people. Added to this, are more than 368 associated dealerships with employees such as your Sacramento Mercedes mechanic and over 22,000 other dedicated employees.

Service from a Sacramento Mercedes & Porsche mechanic