Americas Love Affair with Porsche

by admin, August 13, 2014

Americas Love Affair with the Porsche Automobile – Sacramento Porsche

Most can appreciate the dazzling spectacle that is the Porsche automobile. This is due in no lesser part

to the amount of exposure they have garnered in some of the finest films released. At Sacramento

Porsche, we love the Porsche too!

It doesn’t take long for one to recollect a scene from a major Hollywood movie or television show in

which a Porsche was used to represent European artistry, engineering, and performance. A particular

stand out scene for me was the scene in the movie “Risky Business” where Tom Cruise borrows

(without permission) his fathers beautiful Porsche 928 and proceeds to put it through a performance

demonstration on the streets of Chicago.

As a youngster with an impressionable mind at the time, I wasn’t quite sure what that fine automobile

was, but I certainly wanted one. Soon, Porsche was the only car everyone was talking about. When it

comes to Porsche and the movies, the list of appearances of this fine automobile is so extensive that

one would be hard pressed to find a person of any age that could not draw a recollection of having seen

one in a favorite movie.

No vehicle could have complemented the already plentiful bravado of Steve McQueen in the Movie

“LeMans” more than the Porsche 917 used in the race scenes. For Most who saw this 1971 release it’s

difficult to deny the beauty of that wonderful machine.

Over the years, Porsche has added new models to its lineup but one thing has not changed and that

is the fact that Porsche is a name synonymous with class and style. This is the recipe that keeps

Hollywood coming back for vehicles to showcase time and time again. At Sacramento Porsche, we

appreciate class and style and that is why we are authorized Sacramento Porsche mechanics.

Certainly Porsche represents a culture of success and self indulgence. It is an automobile for those who

want to stand out from the crowd, who don’t mind the glaring stares of onlookers. Like a fine work of

art, the masses find it difficult to avert their gaze from such a wonderfully crafted automobile.

If you missed a good look at it the sound of the exhaust is a telltale sign that you just missed a glimpse

of a Porsche. Without question there are many fine automobiles out there, but few are as fine as a

Porsche. With that said, why would you take your Porsche anywhere else than Midtown Autoworks of

Sacramento for service: www.midtownautoworks.com

Americas Love Affair with the Porsche Automobile