2022 Mercedes-Benz A, C, and E-Class

2022 Mercedes-Benz A, C, and E-Class

by admin, February 28, 2022

2022 Mercedes-Benz A, C, and E-Class

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Every year luxury car manufacturers upgrade their models with new trims, technology, and various other offerings. While other brands do not see changes every year, luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz keep looking to improve every year to keep their high prestige status. Today we are going to review the changes that Mercedes-Benz made to their 2022 A, C, and E-Class models.

The A-Class saw very few changes but changes, nevertheless. The A-Class is Mercedes-Benz’ compact sedan and is available in front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions. Its Premium package adds SiriusXM satellite radio. Updates on the sporty AMG variants come with things like a standard USB-C cable and availability of Rose Gold paint color.

The C-Class sedan is all-new for the 2022 model year. Mercedes-Benz completely redid everything from the interior to the exterior. The interior is one of the most modern with two sizeable digital display screens. The exterior is available in three trim levels for the C 300 sedan. The trim levels are Premium, Exclusive, and Pinnacle. The new longer, wider body delivers added rear legroom that was much needed. The C-Class cabriolet and C-Class coupe retained their previous platform and mechanicals for 2022.

The E-Class lineup now comes equipped with standard adaptive high-beam headlight assist. A heated steering wheel is now standard on the Mercedes-AMG E 53 sports sedan. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz fits AMG coupes and cabriolets with rear-seat USB-C ports and adds a couple of new paint colors.

Mercedes-Benz wants to keep their core model series some of the best on the market so these changes every year are no surprise. Expect to see changes like this year after year as Mercedes-Benz does not do it any other way. For more information on Mercedes-Benz 2022 models please reach out to us here at Midtown Autoworks.