AVTR Mercedes Benz Concept Car

AVTR Mercedes Benz Concept Car

by admin, January 27, 2020

AVTR Mercedes Benz Concept Car

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At the 2020 CES in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz shocked the world by revealing their AVTR concept car. The AVTR was inspired by James Cameron’s 2009 science fiction movie Avatar. Cameron and his team helped present the AVTR at CES. He stated, “I see the future where we continue to co-evolve with our technology…we will emerge, we will absorb it and it will become a natural part of our lives.” 

The concept car was designed to be a zero impact car by being carbon neutral and electric. The general shape is like a futuristic bar of soap with a light-up badge and illuminated spokes in the wheels. No doors. No steering wheel. The Vision AVTR concept car has 33 movable, multidirectional bionic flaps that are meant to look like scales on a reptile. These are supposedly going to supply the car with all of its needed energy. 

When you take a seat inside of the AVTR it will detect your pulse and will sense your breathing. Mercedes-Benz says that this biometric connection that occurs is integral to how the concept operates – it wants to merge passenger and car into one single symbiotic organism. The control pad on the center console is where you will rest your hand upon entering and this is where you will manage all of the car’s key functions. 

For children, the Vision AVTR has what Mercedes-Benz calls a Magic Pool where they will be offered learning-oriented gaming and an augmented reality experience. Children will be presented with fun facts and historical information about all of the rivers, mountains, buildings, etc. that they pass along their travel route. This feature is to allow the younger generation to “learn as they go.” 

The AVTR gives Mercedes-Benz die hard fans an inspiring look into the nearing autonomous car future. Though only a concept car, this is definitely something that we will all want to keep an eye on. 

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