Best Used Mercedes Benz

Best Used Mercedes Benz

by admin, March 22, 2019

Best Used Mercedes Benz

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If you are looking to buy a new used car, consider a Mercedes. A used car is a used car. This meaning that if you are going to get something that has been used before, why not go luxury? You can get an upscale luxury brand that is reliable in a Mercedes, all around the same price range as a used Acura, Kia, or a Ford. By buying a used car, especially for a Mercedes, you have let someone else take the huge depreciation hit of driving a Benz off the dealership’s lot. All you have to do is find the right one, go through all the necessary background checks like you would for any used car, do any other additional research you think is needed and you are set. Below are some of the top ranked used Mercedes Benz’.

2015 GLK-Class:

If you are looking for dependability, check out the 2015 GLK-Class. JD Power ranks this 2015 model as one of the best cars for dependability. This SUV provides great visibility, luxurious interior design, and will seat five passengers comfortably. With the GLK you will be getting all-wheel-drive so you can enjoy this car even in the snow. If you can find a GLK with a Premium Package which includes a power-lift gate, this will make getting things in and out of the car much easier.

2009 SLK-Class:

So, you are not into SUV’s. That is totally fine. The 2009 SLK-Class gives you a hardtop convertible that seats two. The passenger side has a little less legroom but makes up for space with luxury features like the seat heating system. Standard equipment includes traction control, stability control, leather seats, and seventeen inch wheels.

2010 C-Class:

This Mercedes is a great family car. The 2010 C-Class has a classy interior with a panoramic glass sunroof along with a sound system with twelve speakers and advanced technology. Both front seats are wide and comfortable. The exterior rocks a sporty look, a long wheelbase, and has plenty of power and acceleration. This is one of the more affordable models, even new, because it does not have all the high end fancy gadgets. This works in favor for used car buyers as you will lessen the risk of having to pour loads of money into repairs later on down the road simply because there are not as many things that can go wrong.

Buying a new used car can be fun, especially if you are shopping for a luxury car like a Mercedes. The three Mercedes models above are some of the best resale models according to JD Power and Kelley Blue Book. If you are looking for more expert opinion before buying a used Mercedes, visit our team at Midtown Autoworks and we will gladly help you out.

Best Used Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Mechanic | Repair | Services |Midtown Autoworks Sacramento