Car Needs Maintenance

Car Needs Maintenance

by admin, July 20, 2020

Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

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You have been bringing in your car for its regular maintenance and have kept up with the owner’s manual since the first time you sat down behind the wheel. Good job. But, as the car gets older, your car might need some extra maintenance in addition to its regular maintenance. Today we will be looking at some signs that you should look out for when driving your car as they might be indicating that your car needs a checkup.

The easiest things to look out for are warning lights. When you see something light up on your dashboard do not ignore them! They are lighting up for a reason. They are telling you that there is a problem or potential problem with your car. It could be something as simple as a shot taillight but it could also be something more extreme like a transmission failure. Getting your car’s problem diagnosed early will help you avoid large costs down the road.

Since safety is your number one priority when driving (or at least it should be) pay attention to your brakes. Brakes are supposed to bring you to a stop quietly without having to extend your entire leg. If you hear any squeaking or feel a vibration when you press on the brakes, there is probably something wrong. The same applies if your brakes seem soft. If this is the case, your pads, rotors, or brake fluid is probably the issue. Pay attention to how your brakes feel when you are driving. If they seem even a little bit off, you need to bring your car in so they can be inspected.

Lastly, if your car has slow acceleration or seems to be losing power, bring it in right away. This issue can be the cause of various car problems and needs to be identified. You need to be able to accelerate on a freeway. You need to be able to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road. You need to be able to make it uphill. You rely on your car’s power and simply should not drive with slow acceleration or bad power. Get your car checked out if this is something that you notice.

These are only three signs that you should be looking out for while driving. For more signs you should be aware of stay updated here on Midtown Autoworks’ monthly blog.