Continued Success

Continued Success

by admin, October 21, 2019

Continued Success

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Societal trends heavily influence where you decide to invest your money. Where other people
invest their money plays a significant role in where you choose to invest yours. That being said,
if you want to know where people are investing their money in terms of cars, look no further
than Mercedes-Benz. When it comes to investing in a luxury car brand, people are choosing to
invest in the three-pointed star.
In August we saw impressive growth in Mercedes-Benz sales and September was no different.
Mercedes-Benz achieved a new September record with 223,838 vehicles sold worldwide. Nearly
600,000 vehicles with the three-pointed star were sold from July to September of this year
marking the third best quarter in Mercedes-Benz company history. The beginning of 2019 did
not show any promising sales trends, but the past three months have turned that trend around and
in the year to September, deliveries increased by .06% to a total of 1,725,243 vehicles.
The Mercedes-Benz brand has had success globally, not just here in the U.S. In the Europe
regional market, 99,092 vehicles (+8.2%) were sold. More impressively, in the Asia-Pacific
region, 88,676 vehicles (+17.6%) were sold. People around the world are continuing to choose
Mercedes-Benz and this speaks to the brand’s reliability, service, safety, and reputation.
Seeing this growth is a positive sign. By seeing this growth in sales, understand that it is an
indicator that Mercedes-Benz is taking steps towards policies that are correct and working.
Positive sales growth also indicates an increase in market share, customer acceptance, and user
base. To maintain positive growth, companies need to adapt to the changing market, and you can
see that Mercedes-Benz is doing so by hitting record numbers.
People are choosing Mercedes-Benz for good reason. Be part of the trend and invest your money
in the best luxury car brand in the world! For more information on Mercedes-Benz, browse the
Midtown Autoworks website.
Source: Daimler