Customer Satisfaction Advice

Customer Satisfaction Advice

by admin, October 22, 2019

Customer Satisfaction Advice

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By being a locally owned and independent service center, we here at Midtown Autoworks understand what it takes to run a small business. It isn’t easy and it isn’t for anybody. However, for those of you who do run a small business or want to start one in the near future, understand that you must prioritize customer satisfaction to be successful. From one small business to another, here are some tips and advice on achieving high customer satisfaction. 

It takes more time, money, and effort to get a new customer than it is to maintain a good relationship with an existing one. The best way to sell more to existing customers is to build strong relationships through trust. Building customer trust drives organizational profitability and long-term success. Building trust begins with understanding your customers and using that information to deliver superior service. Understand what existing customers want and use that to leverage a strong, trusting relationship. If customers trust you and your brand, that indicates their satisfaction. 

The next piece of advice we have for small businesses is to decide how you want to measure success. For example, customer research focuses on satisfaction, but most successful companies don’t want to be just satisfactory. They want to be exceptional. For others, maybe those small businesses who are struggling to maintain customers, basic satisfaction is their goal. Regardless of where your small business stands, determine what is “successful” and what isn’t. Once you have a standard, it will be much easier to build marketing strategies, thus making it easier for you to understand how to create happy customers.

Lastly, we advise other small businesses to always be willing to change/shift marketing strategies based on new findings. New findings include a change in competing brands, the economy, customer preferences, social trends, etc. Things are constantly changing and as a small business owner you must stay up to date on those changes because if you don’t, you and your business will fall behind. By being present and knowledgeable of what is going on in your industry, you will be able to make informed decisions on how to change/shift your strategy. This will lead to a better product or service to your customer, and hopefully higher satisfaction. 

Putting your customers first should always be a priority. To leave your customers happy and wanting to come back build trust, determine what success means internally, and be willing to change your marketing approach based on industry changes. Do all of these things and you’ll be in a better position to achieve that high level of customer satisfaction you’ve always wanted.