Keep Your Car Virus-Free

Keep Your Car Virus-Free

by admin, May 27, 2020

Keep Your Car Virus-Free

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You wear masks everywhere you go. You wash your hands often. You social distance the best you can. It has been that way for about two months now and these practices will continue to be the norm for a while. However, something that is not discussed on the news is the importance of keeping your car virus-free. For essential workers who drive to work every day or for those who make quick weekly runs to the grocery store, it is important to understand that the virus could be living in your car. Here are some tips on how to keep your car virus-free. 

We recommend that you do a mock-entry into your car. Take note of everything you touch. Keys, handles, steering wheel, gear lever, cell phone, center console, rear view mirror, window controls, etc. Everything you take note of during your mock entry are high-traffic areas and need to be cleaned. Once you have done a mock entry and noted everything you typically touch once entering your car, grab your gloves, grab your cleaning products, and thoroughly wipe everything down. Remember that cleaning with soap and water allows you to wipe germs away while truly disinfecting kills or inactivates germs and viruses. If you choose to use bleach, be careful as it might spot and ruin your cars interior. Also, be careful if you choose to use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol because these products can cause coloration damage. Your best bet is to use interior car cleaning products that kill viruses from brands like Armor All or Arm and Hammer. 

We also recommend that you vacuum your car regularly. Doing so will minimize infections. Dust particles get attracted to your car and they collect on your car’s floor. Use your vacuum nozzle and get your carpets, pedals, levers, and all floor mats. Getting everything you can with just your vacuum will make a huge difference in terms of the cleanliness and safety of your car. 

Last but not least, get your HVAC unit disinfected. This system is used to circulate air into your car’s cabin which means the HVAC system might carry the virus. Your nose and mouth have a clean mask at all times, but your car does not, and the HVAC system is where the coronavirus might be hiding. We recommend that you deep-clean the complete system including the air filter and the cabin filter. Doing so will lower the risk of you getting the virus through your car. 

Please stay safe during these difficult times by keeping your car virus-free. Follow these tips and you will be that much safer from the virus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at Midtown Autoworks.