Little Things Mercedes Porsche Mechanic

Little Things Mercedes Porsche Mechanic

by admin, August 16, 2019

Little Things 

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Here at Midtown Autoworks we pay close attention to detail. Because we are an independent luxury auto shop, every little thing counts and can make or break our relationships with valued customers. Below are highlights of the small things we prioritize in order to give valued customers the best service, satisfaction, and experience possible. 

Our 6,000 square foot facility is always clean and kept presentable. Though our staff is skilled, educated, and experienced all of them are very organized. We do not like things laying around where they can get lost. From tools to pieces of paper we keep things tidy. Not only does it keep things easier for our staff while one the job, but it simply looks better for when customers walk in our front door. At Midtown Autoworks you will find a clean and presentable space from the front desk to the back of the shop. 

Along with a tidy workspace, another thing we pride ourselves in is our ethics. While estimating and inspecting a car, we will be honest and straight forward. As a small and independent company, we do not want to run the risk of a bad reputation. Therefore, we make sure we are truthful and open about what is going on with your car. Though this may seem fundamental, dealerships often charge way more than they should and have bad ethics everywhere you look. At Midtown Autoworks simply being honest with our customers is a priority and is what has led to over 2,300 satisfied customers. 

Finally, a small aspect of a company that is so important, one that many corporate businesses often overlook is company culture. Successful business starts internally. If our staff is happy that will translate into happy customers. Therefore, we take care of our staff and ensure that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for work. We do our best not to over work our employees. We make sure employees are compensated fairly. We make sure they feel safe and welcomed in our shop. We make sure that they enjoy the work they do. Again, once our staff is happy this will eventually translate into happy and satisfied customers. 

In closing, at Midtown Autoworks we do the little things and that is what makes us one of the best auto repair shops in town. For more information about Midtown Autoworks, come see for yourself and we look forward to meeting you!