Marathon Weekend

Marathon Weekend

by admin, January 31, 2021

Marathon Weekend

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Mercedes-Benz is a globally recognized brand. They are known for their luxury car manufacturing, their state of the art stadium in Atlanta, and community involvement. Today we are going to take a look at one of the biggest and most well-known events that Mercedes-Benz sponsors: the Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend.

Proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend benefit The Bell Center of Early Intervention Programs. The Bell Center provides early intervention services in a center-based program in Birmingham, Alabama. Children come to The Bell Center from areas throughout central Alabama with a wide variety of special needs and diagnoses ranging from cerebral palsy and Down syndrome to autism and rare genetic disorders from birth to three years of age. Executive Director of The Bell Center says that, “The Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend is so important to The Bell Center. First, it provides a venue for our BellRunners program. The weekend also showcases the beautiful children of TBC and gives their families an enormous sense of community. And the financial support from the weekend is substantial and so important to us in continuing to provide services to more and more children who need us.”

If your organization is looking to get involved by raising money with the Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend event take advantage because they make it easy to get involved, they have exciting events throughout the weekend, and is sensory inclusive. This event is a great place to gain traction and money without the stress of having to organize your own event. This event is jam-packed with events like the Race Expo and a beer garden, giving your organization a weekend of ways to earn money for a good cause. Lastly, this event has teamed up with local nonprofit Kulture City to make their weekend of events sensory inclusive, meaning that this event will provide tools and/or spaces for those with sensory needs to feel comfortable and safe.

The Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend is a great event to get involved in and is one that gives back to the community. The race is tentatively scheduled for the spring of this year.