Mercedes Benz Easter Eggs

Mercedes Benz Easter Eggs

by admin, July 17, 2019

Mercedes Benz Easter Eggs

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Mercedes-Benz is a world class brand that never fails to impress. Whether it’s an entry-level A-Class or a Maybach, you can be sure that you’ll be driving a quality car that is safe, reliable, sexy, and prestigious. Today we’ll be covering 3 “Easter Eggs”, or secrets, that you might not have known about in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. 

First, the C-Class can come equipped with the Mercedes Pre Safe system. The system is similar to the ones in newer cars today to ensure safety. Basically, the car will stop automatically if it detects an impeding crash. However, what makes the Mercedes Pre Safe system unique is that the system will also shut all open windows and adjust the two front seats to a safer position before impact. With this feature you can be sure that you are truly in the safest position possible in case of an accident. 

Another compelling feature within the C-Class is it’s use of active aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency. Again, newer cars today also have this feature where they have shudders within the grill that open and close to either improve engine cooling or increase aerodynamics. The difference with the C-Class system is that it’s linked to the car’s navigation system as well. This is useful because the car will know things like when the car is about to enter a tunnel so it can be as efficient as possible. This feature allows you to be confident that your car is running as efficiently as possible. 

The last secret that can be found within the C-Class is a fun one. How many times have you gotten out of your car and realized that one or more of your windows were rolled down? You probably had to get back in the car, start the car, and roll them up, right? Well now you can simply stand near your car, continuously press down the lock button on your fob, and this will trigger you car to automatically shut all of your windows. Close your windows with a click of a button. It’s that easy thanks to Mercedes-Benz. 

When you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you will be driving in one of the most advanced technological advancements in the world. There are dozens of other cool features like the ones explained above. Drive one and you’ll be able to see every single one of them. Drive a Mercedes-Benz as it is fun, safe, and you won’t want to drive anything else! 

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