Mercedes News Next Big Move

Mercedes News Next Big Move

by admin, July 26, 2021

Mercedes News Next Big Move

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Every successful company is focused on their future. What are they doing now and how can they make it better in the future? What changes need to be made? How can they create higher demand for their product? Mercedes-Benz is focused on just that. In fact, they are expected to announce their big change for the future at the Munich Motor Show this upcoming September.

Automotive News Europe reports that Mercedes-Benz’ parent company, Daimler, will unveil a new business group consisting of the AMG, Maybach, and G-Class SUV. This move is part of Ola Kallenius’ streamlining plan that is aimed at increasing productivity, profitability, and most importantly high-margin sales overall.

This will essentially strengthen Mercedes-Benz’ sub-brands. A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said, “We will not only maintain the independence, strong identities and evolved corporate cultures of the individual brands, but also further expand and sharpen them.” This meaning that this move is not a spin-off plan involving a separate IPO. AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class SUV will remain firmly under the control of Mercedes-Benz. This new group is going to be headed by current AMG boss Philipp Schiemer. It is still too early to really know whether separate AMG-Maybach-G-Class dealerships will be required but many are in doubt because of the significant investment that would be required.

This move is just the start for Mercedes-Benz as there are rumors that this the first of many big changes. They are already evaluating the potential in various other areas within the company. For example, some have heard that a fully electrified version of the G-Class is a done deal and is going to be announced at the auto show in a couple of months.

Big changes are on the way from Mercedes-Benz and like every other year, you never really know what their next big announcement will be. Stay updated on all Mercedes-Benz news here on our monthly blog!