Routine Maintenance Porsche Mercedes

Routine Maintenance Porsche Mercedes

by admin, August 16, 2019

Routine Maintenance 

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One of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis is get behind the wheel of your car. As a driver you want a safe and reliable car to put yourself in the best position possible in case of an accident, right? Though your car may have the newest safety features and technology, one of the best ways to remain safe while driving is making sure your car is functioning properly. The best way to ensure all car functions are working properly, you need to regularly maintain your car. Failing to perform routine maintenance on your car can lead to these risks. 

Without regular maintenance you could end up having to fix or replace the cylinder. Cylinder failure occurs when there is an incorrect mixture of air, fuel, and sparks. If the correct mixture is missing this will lead to cylinder overheating and eventually failing. If one cylinder misfires, your car can potentially lose 25 percent off its power which can lead to very unsafe driving conditions. Driving with a bad cylinder is not safe, it will take a while to fix and replace, and it will also cost you an arm and a leg. Bring your car in for regular maintenance to reduce the risk of having to fix or replace your car cylinder.

Failing to perform routine maintenance can also lead to having to replace the camshaft. Camshaft failure occurs when you do not change oil regularly and fail to clean your valves of built up grime and dirt. A bad camshaft while driving can lead to frequent stalling, poor idling of the car at 500 to 600 rpms, a massive drop in the rpms that will slow down your car to a crawl, abnormal acceleration activity, frequent stumbling, and much more. In short, driving with a bad camshaft can be dangerous. Inspection and cleaning of your car’s camshaft is a basic maintenance service so by regularly bringing it in will ensure that your car’s camshaft never fails. 

Last but not least, by bringing your car in for regular maintenance you will avoid the need of replacing and/or repairing your car’s transmission control module. Transmission control module problems are rare only if routine maintenance is carried out. Without a fully functioning transmission control module your car could have slow acceleration, gear slippage, and the inability to shift. When you are driving, this is the last thing you want to go wrong. Take care of one of the most important parts of your car by having it inspected during routine car maintenance. 

Reduce the risks discussed above by bringing your Porsche or Mercedes-Benz to the best luxury auto shop in the area for regular maintenance. Your car and your safety can be improved with routine maintenance so visit Midtown Autoworks today!