Staying Up to Date

Staying Up to Date

by admin, October 22, 2019

Staying Up to Date on Customer Service Trends 

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Every year, businesses large and small are challenged with achieving superior customer service levels. Markets are changing and becoming more efficient, but when something goes wrong it is up to the company and their customer service to fix the problem. In order to offer the best service possible, companies need to understand the latest customer service trends. Here are the trends that we, at Midtown Autoworks, have seen and adjusted to throughout our years of doing business. 

One of the top customer service trends that companies need to understand is that speed is king. Every year, customers become more and more comfortable with the internet. Customers will shop, interact, and work online simply because it is easy and convenient. However, the result is an increasing expectation that the businesses customers interact with have an online presence and respond to problems as fast as possible. Many businesses have stepped up to meet this need but there are still some companies that have lagged behind. Those companies that lag behind will not succeed in maintaining customers. Maintaining customer loyalty means ensuring that you field all questions and inquiries in real time as a company. 

Another customer service trend that companies need to understand is that customers expect agent versatility. There is an increase in communication channels and with this comes the need for agents with the ability to use them. Customers are savvier than ever in terms of technology, expertise, and education and service agents need to match that savviness while also being engaging, friendly, and as helpful as possible. To keep up with this customer service trend, companies need to make sure that their customer service agents are some of the best-trained assets within the company because if they are not, the company will lose customers very quickly. 

The last customer service trend that companies need to understand is that social media will continue to be the place to connect. Companies need to understand that social media dominates our societal culture and will continue to do so going forward. That being said, having a basic Twitter account or Facebook page is no longer enough. Companies are finding out that they must invest significant time and expertise in building their social media presence out in meaningful ways. Not only by fielding customer inquiries but also creating a unique voice for their brand in the process. A strong social media presence ensures better customer service and engagement. 

If you adjust your customer service approach based on these trends, your company will be in a better position to succeed in making customers happy.