Best Customer Service at Midtown Auto works 

Best Customer Service at Midtown Auto works 

by admin, July 17, 2019

Best Customer Service at Midtown Auto works 

When you think of an auto mechanic you probably think of someone fixing vehicles. Most of their time is spent doing so. Whether it be underneath cars or hovering over engines, this is where they spend the majority of their time. However, there is so much more that contributes to a good auto mechanic and/or an auto shop. One assignment task that auto mechanics have is dealing with customers. Making vehicle owners feel at ease is as important as making sure their vehicle is repaired correctly. Here is how the Midtown Autoworks staff works towards great customer service. 

When you visit Midtown Autoworks, you will be handing your car over to a friend. View our shop and our team as partners. When you bring your car in for any kind of service, we will jump on the opportunity to give you some helpful advice. From offering advice on preventative maintenance to ways to get more life out of windshield wipers, we’ll take the time to have a conversation. Unlike many other auto shops, we won’t just find the problem and fix it. At Midtown Autoworks we’ll talk with you and make sure we are all on the same page. Positive relationships with our customers is our number one priority and this is one way we strive for great customer service. 

Another way that we strive for great customer service is through follow-ups. At Midtown Autoworks, customer interaction doesn’t stop once a repair service is completed. We promise to follow-up with you and make sure everything is functioning properly. Whether it be a phone call or an email, following up is our way of displaying courtesy to you and all of our other customers. We value your business and don’t want to lose you. 

Lastly, Midtown Autoworks strives for great customer service by not upselling to our customers. For example, if you’re stopping in for a quick oil change service, we won’t upsell extra services that aren’t necessary. We’ll be honest with you when we do inspect your vehicle, but we won’t tell you something needs to be fixed right away if it isn’t necessary. We won’t take advantage of you and your business. We’ll be honest and truthful with every single visit. 

Bring your vehicle to Midtown Autoworks for a partnership, an ongoing relationship, and honesty. We promise that you’ll receive the best customer service out there! 

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