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Body Shops

by admin, July 26, 2021

Body Shops

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Damaging the body of your car is, unfortunately, almost always part of owning a car. Sometimes it is your fault, sometimes it is someone else’s fault, sometimes you walk up to your car in a parking garage and see that someone has sideswiped your car and of course left without a note. It happens. It is part of owning a car! Getting these body damages repaired is no fun either. It is insurance, it is phone calls, and it is a lot time. But today we are here to make that long and frustrating task a bit easier by giving you tips on how to locate and select the best body shops in your area.

The first thing you should do is get several estimates. Taking your car to various auto body shops for repair quotes is the best way to avoid overpaying. Many auto body shops will also match estimates if they can. However, we do advise against simply taking the lowest quote. Body shops that offer repair prices that are way under-market are often times not going to do the job correctly or in full.

The second thing you should do is consider the location of the body shop. Larger body shops in big cities that have a lot of front-office workers probably have to charge higher rates to pay their staff. Also, higher-end shops in really expensive areas of town might decide to charge for everything in what is called “the gray area”. This “gray area” is things that they might have to do to fix the damages. Basically, some shops will charge for things that are not really necessary for a full repair. Be careful!

The last and arguably the best thing you can do is to simply pay attention to word of mouth. Read the reviews. Talk to us here at Midtown Autoworks. We partner with many body shops in the area. The best shops are always the ones that people rave about afterwards. If you can get a reference from a friend or a family member, that will be your best bet in terms of finding the best body shop in town.

Take these tips into consideration when trying to pin point a good body shop. We know getting your car fixed is not fun but hopefully these tips can help streamline that process and get you on your way back to a fully repaired car!