DIY Detailing

DIY Detailing

by admin, August 26, 2021

DIY Detailing : Things to Avoid

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If you are a DIY-er and really into cars then detailing is probably one of your favorite things to do. Washing, waxing, polishing, and cleaning is all part of the fun! However, you have to be careful with some things when it comes to detailing. Today we are going to go over a few things that you should avoid doing while detailing your own car.

To begin, this is quite obvious and known amongst most car owners but please do not wash your car in direct sunlight! Doing so is bad for your car’s finish. Water and soap will dry quicker in the sun or on a hot surface. This will lead to water spots which are a pain to get rid of. Washing your car in the sunlight might also lead to swirl marks in you car’s paint after washing. If there is no way around washing your car in the sun, at the very least keep your car’s surface cool with water constantly.

Next, if you are waxing and polishing on your own do not pour wax or polish directly on the car’s surface. This is an absolute no-no. Doing this will lead to dark, uneven streaks in your finish. Instead, pour the product on to your applicator and then proceed to wax and polish. It is like washing dishes by hand. Soap on the sponge first, soak, and then scrub.

Lastly, do not make the mistake of cleaning your wheels and tires last. You should clean your wheels and tires first since they are most often the dirtiest parts on your car. Cleaning your tires first will prevent you from splashing wheel well dirt and grime on your just-washed car surface. Get your wheels and tires out of the way first and then work from the top down.

Washing and detailing your car at home is fun. It is something to do that makes you feel productive while also knowing your car is getting treated with the proper care. However, know how to take care of your car by following the tips stated here. They will help your car cleaning and detailing process be a lot easier!

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