G Class Going Electric

G Class Going Electric

by admin, September 28, 2021

G Class Going Electric

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Porsche made a huge announcement at the IAA auto show in Munich and so did Mercedes-Benz. One of Porsche’s big announcements was their Mission R racecar. Mercedes-Benz on the other hand came out with their all electric G-Class concept car. They are calling it the Concept EQG.

As shows often go, the luxury brand manufacturer was really light on the details about the electric SUV. No specific details like range, battery size, or the power output of the electric motor but they did say that it will be all-wheel drive, it will have a low and high hear, and will have wheels that are 22 inches. The Concept EQG was presented dotted with glowing accents while wearing wheels that looked moon rover-like. Very futuristic and very advanced.

When asked about the Concept EQG Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler Group stated that, “this car epitomizes the fusion of state-of-the-art off-road capabilities with the dawn of electric mobility that we all need to strive for. It stands for our relentlessness pursuit of the utmost desire and luxury. For us, the most important thing was to keep the full G-Class DNA but beam it into the EQ age.”

It is obvious that everyone working on this concept car is shooting for the stars. Mercedes-Benz is in full design mode and they are not in a rush to get this to production as they want to make it perfect. With a handful of Mercedes-Benz electric cars already in production they have time to truly make the Concept EQG pristine. No date is set yet but when there is, look out because it is going to be without a doubt the best in its class. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about this Concept EQG gem that is sure to come out within the next few months.

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