Our Strategy

Our Strategy

by admin, September 19, 2019

Our Strategy

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Offering customers like you the best customer service is something that all businesses thrive for. A happy customer leads to a positive relationship and this leads to successful business. At Midtown Autoworks we want to be transparent with you on our customer service strategy. Our goal here is to articulate our customer service strategy and then carry out our promise once you step foot in our shop.

Our customer service strategy begins with getting personal. At Midtown Autoworks you will have access to real people, not bots or FAQs. You will never get automated email responses, telephone prompts, or a website that sends you down a rabbit hole. You will get our team members face to face, helping you with all of your needs. The luxury behind a small business like Midtown Autoworks is that we actually care about you. We will go above and beyond to make things right regardless of what the problem is. 

Our strategy also includes availability. Part of our small business personal touch is that we make sure you can reach us when needed. We have customers who have our owner’s personal phone number. We have met with customers outside of business hours before. We frequently work early and late to make sure the job gets done on time. At Midtown Autoworks you are promised availability. 

Last but certainly not least, our strategy prioritizes creating communities. When you bring your Porsche or Mercedes-Benz to Midtown Autoworks you will become part of a large community. Our shop location is laxed and designed to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. In our shop you will meet Porsche enthusiasts, Mercedes-Benz experts, and overall luxury car lovers. It is not rare to get carried away in lengthy conversation with our team members upon your arrival. This is our passion. Working on cars is what gets us up in the morning. Being part of Midtown Autoworks is simply…fun. Come visit Midtown Autoworks to be part of our community. 

These three aspects of our business form our customer service strategy. Our hope is that you trust our strategy and give us a shot at winning your business. Let’s be friends and let’s get the job done together! 

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