Window Tinting

Window Tinting

by admin, August 1, 2022

Window Tinting

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Window tinting is desirable by many and often increases the value of your car. Benefits include UV-blocking protection for your skin and eyes, less glare and better visibility while driving, and less interior fading and leather cracking. That being said if your car isn’t already tinted and needs to be added, here are some things to expect after the procedure.

Most of the time, after your windows get tinted it’s normal to have hazy or bubbly windows. This is just a normal part of the window tint drying process. Bubbles form from moisture between the window and film but they will evaporate eventually. While your tint dries it will still protect you and your car from UV rays so the benefit is instant.

Also keep in mind that the drying time will depend on the weather and season. When its hot out and the sun is high it shouldn’t take more than two to four days for your tint to dry and clear free of that haze and bubbles. But if you get your windows tinted in the winter or in cold weather it could take weeks before the tint completely dries. Pro tip: no matter how long your window tint takes to dry, don’t take it through a car was right away. Wait at least a month if you can.

Lastly, keep in mind that tinting does make your windows a bit stronger but not invincible. Most tints make windows scratch-resistant not scratch-proof. There is a difference. Just be gentle when moving sharp objects, boxes, and sports equipment around your interior. The last thing you want is to pay for a full window tint and then have to replace your window and re-tint it.

Window tinting is exciting, makes your car look better, and has many benefits but it won’t be perfect right away, will take time to settle in, and will still need to be cared for. Keep all of these things in mind when getting your windows tinted to manage expectations.