Interior Cleaning  Mercedes Porsche

Interior Cleaning  Mercedes Porsche

by admin, January 27, 2020

Interior Cleaning 

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When you drive a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz or a Porsche, if you want to keep it in the best condition possible, you need to make sure to clean it regularly – including the interior! To keep the windows fingerprint free, the leather smooth, and the dashboard clear of dust you are going to need the safest products on the market. Below we have outlined three of the best interior car cleaners. 

303 UV Protectant: 

This product offers UV protection and works best on the majority of surfaces within your car. This product is known to repel dust and best of all…it is non-toxic. It protects the interior of your car and will leave it odorless with its dry matte finish. This product will give you the detail that cleans and protects without the need to buy any other supplemental products. 

CarGuys Super Cleaner: 

This is another great option for almost any surface within your car. This is a multi-surface cleaner that can be used on rubber, carpet, vinyl, and leather without damaging the material. The Super Cleaner uses nanotechnology to clear dust and grime at the molecular level. Another plus is that you can use this product on the exterior of your car as well. 

Tuff Stuff Multipurpose Cleaner: 

Tuff Stuff’s quality is all in the name. Car and Driver tested this product on a large 10-year-old coffee stain on a chair and they were shocked to find zero trace of the stain after scrubbing with Tuff Stuff. With this product you will be getting deep cleaning foaming action that lifts dirt and helps restore true color. You can also use this product on almost all washable surfaces including walls, fixtures, and tile. 

Use one of these three products to take care of the interior of your car! It will look nicer and prolong the prestigious look of your luxury vehicle. 

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