Mercedes Benz Infotainment System

Mercedes Benz Infotainment System

by admin, April 25, 2022

Mercedes Benz Infotainment System

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MBUX is the name of the current Mercedes-Benz user interface software and hardware. MBUX is basically all the goodies that control things like the vehicle’s navigation, radio, and climate control. MBUX has been Mercedes-Benz’ infotainment system for years. However, they are working on a major overhaul and calling it “MB.OS” standing for “Mercedes-Benz Operating System”.

According to Motortrend the new system will seek to reduce hardware complexity and streamline the user experience with fresh, rapidly-updated software and cool new features, like 3D navigation mapping. Mercedes-Benz says that it’s focus with the new operating system is managing passengers’ time, and not wasting it with frustrating menus or command prompts. The streamlined approach of the new MB.OS is meant to minimize passengers frustrations while also reducing the hardware required, specifically the number of ECUs which will reduce strain on supplies.

Chief Software Officer, Magnus Ostberg, announced that the current “Hey Mercedes” digital assistant programmed into the car will be updated into a 3D “Star Avatar” that is like a “digital butler” with the upgrade to MB.OS. Users will be able to have playlists curated based on their taste of music. The car will coach drivers on their driving, whether they are a lead-footed or drive too economically. The hope is that eventually this new MB.OS infotainment system will roll out across every single vehicle which will then be reused across each model’s new iterations to becoming a living, constantly improved UI experience.

Most people liked MBUX and thought it was pretty good but if Mercedes-Benz is able to work in half of the improvements listed above, the new MB.OS should vastly improve on the old infotainment system.

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