Modifying Your Luxury Car

Modifying Your Luxury Car

by admin, October 25, 2020

Modifying Your Luxury Car

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You drive a luxury car and you love everything about it. The reputation, feel, and ability to turn heads. However, you are considering making some modifications to enhance your luxury car even more. Whether they are major or minor we are not going to advise against making the modifications that you desire. However, we are going to advise you to consider a few things before pulling the trigger.

If you make certain modifications to your car, know that your car’s warranty could be voided. For example, oversized wheel and tire combinations have the tendency to strike against sheet metal and steering components. This essentially leads to big time damage. In this case, the manufacturer is not responsible for the cost of the repairs.

Also, if you are considering making modifications to your car know that it could affect safety. For example, chassis and suspensions are designed as an integrated system for reliability and safety. A random modification could potentially disrupt the system. Another example can be found in plus-sized wheels and tires. Bigger wheels and tires can alter your car’s handling and braking force to stop. This can negatively affect the suspension dynamics.

Lastly, if you are considering making any modifications to your car ask yourself if it’s worth it. Any modification more often than not hurts trade-in value. Modifications are a personal preference and your modifications might not be ideal for someone else. If you sell to a dealership they will low-ball you because they will have a difficult time finding another buyer who shares your interests. If you sell on your own, most prospective buyers will not know for certain how the alterations were done or who they were done by. Because of this they, too, will probably low-ball you on the price.

Again, we are not here to tell you no. We just ask that you carefully think about making modifications to your car.

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