2022 Mercedes Benz S Class

2022 Mercedes Benz S Class

by admin, December 12, 2022

2022 Mercedes Benz S Class

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Some of the most popular and best-selling Mercedes-Benz models this year are the S-Class luxury sedans. Kelley Blue Book and U.S. News had the S-Class sedans atop their ranks and for good reason. The S-Class represents pure luxury and pristine that other brands cannot match. Today we will review the highlights of the S-Class.

Some of the favorite features can be found in the front seats. Obviously they are comfortable (it is a Mercedes-Benz after all) but they go beyond comfort with rapid heating and cooling. In addition, the front seats have a massaging feature with multiple programs that last up to 20 minutes. Best part is that these features are all standard across the different models.

Other features that customers love can be found under the hood. The range of 2022 S-Class engines starts with a 3.0-liter inline-6 in the S 500. There is a nice smoothness to this configuration. It is turbocharged and augmented by a 48-volt mid hybrid system which brings several advantages. For example, the engine’s start and restart feature is more polished and not so abrupt and it now powers some ancillaries that would have been run by belts just a few years ago. All versions come standard with all-wheel drive and a 9-speed automation transmission.

Lastly, the most up to date MBUX system is a big reason why this car is so popular. It has a large touch screen that flows elegantly from the dashboard to the center console. It offers straightforward menus, large icons, and slick graphics. You can control different functions by saying “Hey Mercedes” and adjust settings with a tap or swipe on-screen. The only downside is that there are not any buttons or knobs on the dashboard so it is a bit hard to make simple audio or climate adjustments while driving.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedans are great for all of these reasons. The S-Class epitomizes what the brand is all about and with the technology and advancement we have these days, expect next year’s version to be even better.

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