2023 Porsche 911

2023 Porsche 911

by admin, January 31, 2023

2023 Porsche 911

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We have talked about it before and will continue to do so because there is so much to love about the 911. It is the iconic sports car. It is a kid’s dream car. It is truly one of the best. The 911 is loved and respected as is and Porsche does not make many changes year to year. But the small changes are something to discuss and that is why we are here today.

This year Porsche has added an off-road-oriented Dakar version of the 911 to celebrate their 70th year selling cars in North America. The Dakar version is a limited edition as Porsche will only make 2500 of them. Additionally, a range-topping America Edition GTS cabriolet will also be available in the states. But like the Dakar, there will be a limited amount up for grabs. Sources say only 100 are embarked for sale.

The interior remains sophisticated and not too complicated. The mix of buttons, knobs, and screen controls remain pretty much the same as previous models. The only drastic change is a larger center cupholder. The driving position has improved with more supportive front seats and the steering wheel has a wider range of adjustment. As always you can technically fit four but those in the back will feel like sardines.

Lastly, the performance! Acceleration is impressively rapid in any situation. Most have rear-wheel drive but all-wheel drive is available. The Carrera has 379 horsepower, the S has 443, and the GTS generates a whopping 473. The GTS model can hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds. It is a 911 after all and with that, know that every model comes with speed. Base models have an MSRP from $107,550 according to Car and Driver and Edmunds.

If you want the latest and greatest sports car you can always count on the newest 911. For more information please contact us at Midtown Autoworks.